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24 danske restauranter fremhævet for bæredygtighed i Michelin-guiden

Nu er det ikke længere nok at lave mad på højt gastronomisk niveau.

Amass er en af de restauranter som fremhæves for bæredygtighed i Michelin-guiden 2020. Foto: Chris Tonnesen

Michelin-restauranter som samtidig er på forkant med bæredygtighed bliver fremover fremhævet med en femkløver som symbol.

Symbolet kan både tilfalde restauranter som har en stjerne, eller en af de andre hædrende titler, som tildeles restauranter, der endnu ikke helt er på Michelin-niveau: en såkaldt ‘Bib Gourmand’ eller ‘The Plate’, ifølge

Desuden bliver restaurantens vision for bæredygtighed fremhævet i guiden med et citat fra chefkokken.

Også restauranter der tager mindre skridt i bæredygtig retning får tilføjet korte beskrivelser af deres initiativer i 2020-udgaven af Michelinguiden.

Den gastronomiske guide har desuden uddelt en nordisk bæredygtighedspris, som tilfaldt norske Magnus Ek fra Oaxen Krog & Oaxen Slip.

Han fremhæves blandt andet for sin brug af lokale ingredienser, dyrevelfærd og restaurantens balancerede menukort med masser af vegetariske alternativer samt konverteringen af madspild til biogas og kompost.

Men også de danske Michelin-restauranter kan være med. 11 af dem får chefkokkens citat med i Michelin-guiden, mens 13 øvrige restauranter fremhæves med en kort beskrivelse af, hvordan de udmærker sig i forhold til bæredygtighed.

Her følger begge lister med citater og beskrivelser på engelsk fra

11 restauranter danske restauranters citater om bæredygtighed

Alchemist, Copenhagen
“When it comes to minimizing food waste, the industry has come a long way. I see it as my mission to take the discussion a step further and highlight the bigger picture. If we can make people stop and think, we are on the route towards change.”

Alouette, Copenhagen
“Change comes from within; rather than preach a dogma, we want our guests to discover for themselves what tastes delicious, by making sustainable ingredients’ true values immediately and clearly evident. Sustainability is an easy choice when it tastes good.”

Amass, Copenhagen
“We’re on an unfamiliar journey where flavour still rules but we operate in a more responsible way; laying a better path for our industry’s future. It takes time and effort but it has become so ingrained in us that we now can’t imagine any other way.”

Frederiksminde, Præstø
“For us, sustainability first came about through the sourcing of our ingredients. We wanted to support local farmers/growers and took into consideration seasonality, husbandry and natural flavours. We want to help make the world a better place.”

Hærværk, Aarhus
“Life centres around gaining knowledge, so sustainability is really just about education and learning. We are sustainable in all that we do, even down to our choice of bank; we want to know that the money they look after is being used in a good way.”

KOKS, Leynar
“Sustainability is key in our remote location. Use too much of anything and there’s none left for anyone else; take care of nature and it takes care of you. It’s obvious which is the right way and which is the wrong way to do things.”

Molskroen, Ebeltoft
“A collaboration with a local organic farmer enables me to place my identity on the cooking. Working in a sustainable way means happy guests and our all-encompassing sustainability programme also ensures the well-being of the team.”

Moment, Rønde
“We work mindfully and aim for zero waste, as we can only improve our ecosystem if we reduce what we discard. We believe that humans can work in a constructive partnership with nature and we collaborate with Danish scientists to formulate guidelines for the future.”

Noma, Copenhagen
“Sustainable practices have long served as a guiding light for our creativity, but it’s not just about the way we source ingredients or minimise our carbon footprint; it is also about establishing the best work environment possible for the well-being of our employees.”

108, Copenhagen
“We have devised a mentorship programme to support members of the team and this is something we are really proud of. Creating a platform where people can receive support is important to me; I want others to fulfil their dreams, just as I have.”

Relæ, Copenhagen
“We want to offer a gastronomic experience that is sustainable, from the planting of the seed to the food on the plate. Each and every interaction needs to be examined and judged to be responsible.”

13 restauranter med en kort beskrivelse om bæredygtighed
Aamanns 1921, Copenhagen – Taking a stand regarding animal welfare
Bryghuset Vendia, Hjorring – Waste from the brewery is sent to a farmer to be used as feed
Frederiksgade 42, Aarhus – Powered by a sustainable source (wind)
Gastromé, Aarhus – Turn seaweed from the beach into compost
Høst, Copenhagen – Part of a project to make the city carbon neutral
Henne Kirkeby Kro, Henne – Use a Long John cargo-bike for shopping
Kødbyens Fiskebar, Copenhagen – Always use sustainably sourced fish
Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen – Protect and promote biodiversity in both field and sea
Nordisk Spisehus, Aarhus – Recycle organic waste
The Pescatarian, Copenhagen – Ferment and preserve to help reduce waste
Radio, Copenhagen – Aim to minimise water use in growing and cooking
Selma, Copenhagen – Beers are on tap to reduce the use of glass bottles
Vaekst, Copenhagen – the restaurant operates on solar power

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