Assistant/Associate Professor of resources and innovationstems

Department of People and Technology (IMT), Roskilde University, invites applications for a position as assistant professor or associate professor of resources and innovation from 1st August 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. The position as assistant professor is limited to 4 years.

In announcing the position, IMT looks to strengthen its relationship with the private sector mainly through the Danish CLEANTECH Cluster and develop its research and teaching in waste, resources and the circular economy. The Department welcomes applicants, whose research and teaching profile and ambition includes working closely with the university’s external stakeholders and an interdisciplinary research and education environment.

Department of People and Technology is the largest department at RUC, and covers a range of subject areas, broadly focused on human – society – technology interactions and covering e.g. sustainable transition, social entrepreneurship, urban planning, sustainable digitalization, health studies etc. The position is linked to the research group METRIK addressing the interaction between societal and technological development with particular focus on planning and regulation issues relating to environment, food, energy, nature and resources. The METRIK group works interdisciplinary, strategic and action-oriented with research issues on environmental transition and sustainable development.ø-energi-transport-regulering-innovation-og-klimapolitik

Responsibilities and tasks

The assistant/associate professor’s work will primarily include research (including publication/academic dissemination work) and research-based teaching with associated examination obligations). It is expected that the candidate has an aptitude for external collaboration, and Roskilde University provides the candidate with a reduced teaching load of 150 hours within the first three year to scope the engagement with one or more of the Danish cluster organisations.

In addition to research and research-based teaching, the position also requires sharing of knowledge with the rest of society – including participation in public debates.

An assistant professor is also expected to complete the educational training program for assistant professors at RUC (up to 220 hours).

Furthermore, the associate professor is expected to develop skills as research manager. Applicants are referred to the university’s Faculty expectations for specifications on the required level of qualifications within research, teaching, networking, fundraising, impact and outreach etc.

The ideal candidate for this position is expected to:

  • Demonstrate active engagement with stakeholders in the public and private sector in Denmark
  • Perform research and publish in leading international, peer-reviewed journals, possibly supplemented with research monographs with high-ranking academic publishers
  • Secure external research funding and engage in research partnerships
  • Contribute to the development of the research profile of the Department and in METRIK research group.
  • Increase the international recognition of the research conducted
  • Develop and nurture research networks nationally and internationally, including industry, civil and public sector partners.
  • Contribute to developing the educational programmes of the Department.
  • For associate professors: Teach/supervise/assess PhDs, take part in the doctoral school’s teaching programme, and attract new PhD students
  • For associate professors: Act as a mentor for junior researchers with guidance and supervision
  • Contribute to the administrative responsibilities of the Department including academic assessments.
  • Actively contribute to the research environment by a visible and physical presence at the Department

The applicant is expected to teach at the Sustainable Transition (TekSam) and at one of the related bachelor programs. The teaching tasks consist partly of project supervision and partly of course teaching. The students prepare a project about sustainable transition within a self-chosen topic governed by guidelines in study program, combing relevant elements from social sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences The courses present theories and methods. 


For application for assistant professors the applicants must hold a PhD degree or equivalent. For application for Associate professorship applicants must hold a PhD degree and qualifications equivalent to a completed employment period as assistant professor.

We are looking for an applicant with a strong research profile related to waste, resources and the circular economy and with a transdisciplinary perspective on both technical, social and natural science aspects of these topics. An important task of the position is to strengthen the existing network between the university and the regional stakeholders from both the public sector and the private sector. We therefore look for a candidate with strong collaborative skills who can develop, disseminate and create knowledge in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, public authorities, NGOs and knowledge institutions, together with colleagues from the METRIK group. We expect that the applicant can document his/her abilities to teach in problem-based higher education, produce and publish relevant research in international scientific journals and raise project funding from various national and international funding bodies together with a variety of project partners from industry, academia and/or other publish institutions.

The applicant is expected to possess initiative and good cooperative skills, be visible and actively contributing to organizing the daily activities in METRIK and the connected teaching programmes. Both professional and social competencies will be prioritized in the efforts to create an inspiring daily working environment. Experiences with problem-oriented project supervision and teaching at university level is an advantage.

Within three years of employment, the applicant is expected to be able to teach in Danish.

We encourage candidates from transdisciplinary research environments possessing the ability to collaborate with researchers from multiple fields of research to apply for this position


In the assessment of the candidates, consideration will be given to

  • relevance of research expertise for the position and research group,
  • scientific production and research potential at an international level,
  • the ability to create, promote and utilize research results,
  • experience in teaching and education development and management,
  • the ability to create an engaged and interactive learning environment that motivate and inspire students to develop all aspects of their profiles,
  • the ability to attract external funding and manage research projects in collaboration with external partners such as public authorities, private companies, NGO’s etc.
  • networks, experience from research environments and collaborative abilities
  • academic experience basis, preferably including international academic experience, e.g. from reviewing or editing academic papers and/or from organizing research conferences or seminars,

Please note that to be assessed for the position as associate professor, you need to have passed the educational teaching programme and to have a solid scientific production.


For further information about the position, please contact the Dean, Andreas de Neergaard tel. +45 24434331 /; or head of the METRIK  research group Thomas Budde Christensen tel. (+45 20784379) /

Terms of employment

The employment is on full time, 37 hours per week and you will refer to the Dean, Andreas de Neergaard.

The position will be filled according to the Agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) and Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities.  

Application procedure 

After the deadline for applications the Dean will shortlist applicants for assessment with assistance from the recruitment committee including the chairperson of the assessment committee.

Shortly after the application deadline all applicants will be notified whether or not their application has been selected for assessment.

The shortlisted applicants will be informed about the composition of the assessment committee, and each applicant will be given the opportunity to comment on the composition of the committee and – later on – their assessment.

Once the recruitment process is completed, all applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.


To apply for the position go to

Only applications in English are accepted. 

Applications must include:

1. Cover letter 

2. CV 

3. Research plan (2 pages, based on own experience and visions)

4. Description of own research network and collaboration experience (1 page)

5. Documentation of education 

6. Teaching portfolio (read more about teaching portfolio at Roskilde University here

7. A complete list of publications 

8. A maximum of 5 relevant scientific works that you want included in the assessment  

  If any of the publications that you want included in the assessment are the result of a joint effort, the extent and the nature of your contribution to each individual work must then be clarified in a co-author statement (find template here

Please submit your application no later than 12 December 2021.

Material received after this date will not be taken into consideration.

Roskilde University wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

The position is part of a larger strategic effort by Roskilde University to strengthen its research profile within research fields that open new avenues for external collaboration with the private and public sector, for example through the Danish innovation cluster organisations. Roskilde University is an active part of the cluster organisations CLEANDanish Life Science ClusterFood and Bio Cluster DenmarkWE BUILD DENMARKDigitalLead and Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark. Furthermore, as the Region Zealand university, Roskilde University is particularly committed to addressing the research and innovation needs of the region’s stakeholders.